If the decision is made not to one or both schools in our Federation because of deteriorating conditions overnight, a notice will be put up outside the closed school as early as possible to tell you that the school will not be open.

A message will be posted on the homepage of the school website to say that the school will be closed, and an email sent to all parents and carers. If possible, the school telephone will be staffed from 8.30 am ‑ 10.00 am so that enquiries can be made, and again from 3.00 pm ‑ 4.30 pm. Occasionally this may not be possible if members of staff are unable to get to the school.

If worsening weather conditions indicate that by 3.15 pm children and staff may have difficulty getting home, every attempt will be made to contact you, initially by email, to ask you to come and collect your children from school. Please respond to this by email/telephone to let us know you have received it and are able to collect your child.

If you anticipate difficulties collecting your children later in the day due to the weather conditions, please come early and collect children from school, or telephone us to let us know what arrangements to make. The Headteacher or other authorised person will remain at school until all children have been safely collected.

A message will be posted on our homepage to say when the school has re-opened, and an email sent to all parents and carers.