Collective Worship

Each day we hold a Christian Act of Worship.  This is an important part of our day.  As we are a Church Schools our Acts of Worship are sympathetic with the views and traditions of the Church.  We try to make each day’s collective worship slightly different, and children can expect to sing, listen to stories, listen to musicians, watch short plays, and make points themselves.  All teachers, our local clergy and worship leaders from churches take our Acts of Worship.

Each Friday we hold a Celebration Act of Worship where we look at good work and praise the efforts of the children.  Parents and Carers are invited to attend our Acts of Collective on Fridays and for special celebrations.

Under the provisions of the Education Reform Act 1988 any parent wishing to withdraw a child from collective worship should make a written request to the Head teacher.

Please read our Collective Worship Policy.